Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missionary reflection: the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth

This event which we celebrate yearly on May 31 brings us hope for the future as missionary sisters of the Daughters of Saint Paul. The joy of creation and the love of these mothers give us the optimism we need in the society where we live in today and in the specific country where we do the mission be it in Africa, in Europe, in Australia, in North America, in South America, in Antarctica or in Asia. The faith and anticipation of both Mary and her cousin Elizabeth is really what our world needs now.

Reflecting on them holding each other in this sacred moment, we can be hopeful to be the vessel that God wants us to be. Mary’s faith and obedience made her a chosen one to carry the child Jesus and bring Him into our lives to save us. Jesus, after His sacrifice and mission, wants us to hold Him inside of us.

Let us have that same joy on the faces of Mary and Elizabeth as they shared the good news on the day of the Visitation. Let us feel Jesus with us right now, in each moment of the day, in each action that we do, in each word that we utter and in the deed that we do.

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