Friday, May 24, 2013

Celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity with Sister Thecla Merlo

Venerable Thecla Merlo, co-foundress of the Daughters of Saint Paul, as early as 1931, had resolved to seek only the glory of God and peace of all people. On the feast of the Blessed Trinity in 1961, she made an offering of her life for the entire Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Paul so that everyone may become saints. 

On Christmas day of this same year, she made her gift known to her sisters when she said: “I write these things to you not only with the pen, but also with my heart. I wish you all to be saints: for this I have offered my life—for everyone, that we may achieve the holiness God wants of us.” She died on February 5, 1964, leaving her daughters this rich spiritual heritage and the sure road in the Church.

We wish to highlight a few of her writings which could help every person live well his/her life in sanctity especially during this Year of Faith that we are celebrating.

Her inspiring words:
 “All our life must be spent for God.”
“Everything passes, except paradise”.
“Let us do everything with the Blessed Virgin Mary. With her, everything becomes easy...”

Prayer for her Beatification:

Most holy Trinity, we thank you for the singular gifts of light,
grace and virtue which you granted to Sister Thecla Merlo,
and we thank you for having chosen and constituted her
the wise mother and sure guide of the Daughters of St. Paul.
Through her intercession, grant that we may live of her great loves:
Jesus Master in the Holy Eucharist,
the Church, the Gospel and souls souls sought and served through evangelization
with the instruments of social communication to the point of total sacrifice.

O Lord, if it be in the design of your divine wisdom,
carry out even on this earth, for this very devoted Daughter of St. Paul,
your divine promise: “If anyone serves me, my father will honor him.”
Exalt this faithful servant to the joy of the Church
and the good of many souls and grant us, through her intercession,
the favor we ask of you.


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