Monday, July 29, 2013

Thank God for the World Youth Days! (Blessed John Paul II)

Here is an excerpt of the message of Blessed John Paul II as he thanked God for the gift of young people in the WYD celebrations.

Thank God for the World Youth Days! Thanks be to God for all the young people who have been involved in these past years! Many of them are now adults who continue to live their faith in their homes and work-places. I am sure, dear friends, that you too will be as good as those who preceded you. You will carry the proclamation of Christ into the new millennium.

When you return home, do not grow lax. Reinforce and deepen your bond with the Christian communities to which you belong. I look with confidence to this new humanity which you are now helping to prepare. I look to this Church which in every age is made youthful by the Spirit of Christ and today is made happy by your intentions and commitment. I look to the future and make my own the words of an ancient prayer, which sings the praise of the one gift of Jesus, the Eucharist and the Church:

"I give thanks to you, Father of us all, for the life and the knowledge which you revealed to us through Jesus your servant. To you be glory in every age! Just as this bread now broken was wheat scattered far and wide upon the hills and, when harvested, became one bread, so too let your Church be gathered into your kingdom from the far ends of the earth. You, O Lord almighty, have created the universe to the glory of your name; you have given people food and drink for their comfort, so that they may give you thanks, but to us you have given a spiritual food and drink and eternal life through your Son. Glory be to you forever! Amen.”

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