Thursday, March 14, 2013

Praying for our new Pope

Lent is a privileged time for us to listen to the voice of God in prayer. Like Jesus we must find our own “desert place" where we can listen to God without distraction.  

In Lent we set aside extra  times to go to our "desert place" -- whether it be in church or in nature or in the quiet of our hearts — to listen for God's voice in the solitude of prayer.

Our new shepherd of the church, Pope Francis I, also sees the need of prayer in his life. We saw this when he expressed his spiritual need to the people in Saint Peter’s Square asking them to pray for him.

Together, let us say this prayer for our new spiritual leader in the church:

O Lord, guide Pope Francis I in the way of Jesus. May the Gospel inspire him and may truth be his guiding force. Give him wisdom, zeal and the gift of governance as he leads the Church on the journey to your Kingdom. Amen.

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